4GwQ Presents: A Variant Podcast Ep 2


On Episode 2 our brave Do Good-ers embark on a journey discussing amazing topics with special guest Mr. Boomstick XL:

*I apologize in advance for any audio glitches we tried to use re-stream but it did not originally connect to YouTube so next episode we will focus primarily on YouTube*

Resident Evil Movies / Comics
Fantastic Four
Dynamite Comics Hitman
Various Video Game Comics
Maverick still doesn’t like Spider-Man
Arcade 1 Ups Arcade Cabinets
TV Shows Game of Thrones, The Orville, Super-Natural

with that said this was our first live show so please comment below with thoughts and opinions. I hope to animate the speech bubbles more.

Special Guest:
Mr. Boomstick XL
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrboomstickXL
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ghQ5DEv_4svHZLhJSOm2A

Clownz: http://twitter.com/italianclownz

Maverick: https://twitter.com/Maverick41170

Art By: Shaun LaBrie
Eye Animation by: Jay aka Graphic God