4GwQ Titanfall 2 Review


When I first heard that Titanfall 2 was being made, I was one of the people who had doubts. I thought the first one was mediocre and only fun if I had friends online to play with. So, you can imagine I went into Titanfall 2 expecting it to be a let down. The reality is I am impressed.

Let’s start by reviewing the campaign. Unlike the first Titanfall this campaign is single player and is played offline. Thank you Respawn for listening to the fans. You start off as Rifleman Cooper and the first experience in the game seems very basic. However, Respawn took this basic opportunity for a tutorial and turned it into a challenge. You run through a quick course called the Gauntlet. There is no wrong way to run through it, but there are incentives for beating certain times such as achievements/trophies. You learn how to wall run, shoot, throw grenades, melee, and slide.

Once you are satisfied with your Gauntlet time you are thrown right into the action. The IMC is making their move and the militia (the group you are part of) is determined to secure freedom from the hands of the IMC. You find yourself on rocky terrain fighting IMC hired mercenaries. The very first mission gets you acquainted with your new Titan BT. Although you may feel it has a lack of in-depth action or story, just remember you are getting used to what Titanfall 2 wants you to learn.


Further into the story it starts to pick up and you become known as Pilot Cooper with newly developed feelings for his Titan. For most of the campaign you and BT will have your moments fighting separately with the idea at the end of each mission you will be reunited. You will find yourself floating along an IMC/Mercenary assembly line at one point in the story or trying to piece together the past using time warp. The campaign is action packed and at the end of some of the missions you will be fighting enemy APEX Titans.

The campaign uses clever game mechanics in each of the missions that challenge you to use your Pilot’s ability. You will wall jump, wall run, shoot , slide, crouch,  and take cover. When you are piloting BT, you even have the option to change BT’s loadout provided you picked up the highlighted Titan guns throughout the campaign. Each loadout changes BT’s attack and defense abilities. This comes in handy during enemy Titan boss fights and makes the gameplay very flexible.


We haven’t had any problems connecting in MP with other friends and find it enjoyable. As you progress through multiplayer you earn unlocks in pilot/titan camo, guns, gun sights, and advocate gifts. You will randomly be rewarded by the advocate network with camos and patches. Each pilot has a unique ability such as grapple, pulse blade, holo pilot, stim, cloak, phase shift, and a-wall. After each round is completed you also earn credits which you can use to purchase unlocks prior to the in game leveling system.

Here is a breakdown of their unique abilities:

Grapple: Helps you grapple to hard to reach places, also pulls enemies closer

Pulse Blade: Provides a brief sonar pulse that detects enemies within a range

Holo Pilot: Mimic’s its Pilots last move

Stim: Gives a boost of speed for a short amount of time, also quickly heals/restores a player’s health

Cloak: Become nearly invisible, increased effectiveness against Titans.

Phase Shift: A Teleport that puts you in an alternate world for a short time.

A-Wall: Particle shield that amps outgoing shots, destroyable only at its protected base

Now that we’ve briefly discussed the Pilots let’s talk about the Titans. Just like the Pilots you choose, each Titan has their own abilities.


Scorch:  Burn the enemy Titans with this fire based Titan.

Tone: Make each shot count with this Titan. Every hit let’s you get closer to letting your missiles run free.

Legion: A tank based Titan armed with a mini gun that has its abilities tied to it.

ION: Energy Based Titan. All its abilities share a single energy resource.

Ronin: A close range hit and run style Titan that comes with a shotgun like weapon and a sword.

Northstar: Long Range Sniper Titan with tactical mines that lockdown enemy Titans

Overall Titanfall 2 is an excellent game and should not be passed up. Everyone deserves to experience this game’s beautiful campaign and multiplayer.



  1. I didn’t finished the campaign yet (i’m thinking in switch from Master to the dificult tier below master because i am sweating on this dificult) but it looks awesome so far! I’m loving it, I prefer the TF1 multiplayer but TF2’s is very fun too… Everything seems fantastic IMO… Great review guys!

  2. Glad to hear the campaign is enjoyable. I will wait for this to drop in price as I’ve heard the campaign is a bit short and I won’t play too much MP. That was my issue with the first one, the way my gaming time is now I rarely get to play with friends online. It would have been a great game to have while I was in college instead of all the COD we ended up playing.

  3. Nice review. I’m definitely interested in trying the game out, but I’ll probably wait until it goes on sale.

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