4GwQPodcast Ep128 – Destiny/Battlefront 2 Announced, GameStop in Trouble, CoD Leak


In Episode 128, 4GwQ discusses the latest announcements of highly-anticipated AAA games coming this fall – Destiny 2 (finally coming to PC) and Star Wars Battlefront 2. We’ll interweave a synopsis of exclusive content for certain editions/consoles and discuss the importance of 3rd party marketing deals for the future of console wars. We’ll also talk about the new Call of Duty leak suggesting that Sledgehammer is “going back to the roots” of “boots on the ground” CoD. Later in the podcast we’ll get into the closing of 150+ GameStop stores, and what that may signal for gaming brick-and-mortar’s future. We’ll end the show with a few smaller topics, such as Battlefield 1 Premium Friends program and Snake Pass from Sumo Digital being a stellar indie title that everyone should check out! Hope everyone enjoys this episode!

OH, and of course thanks to Murk we are giving away a copy of BF1 on Xbox One! Good luck, live viewers!
Murk’s Twitter: twitter.com/Murk305Gaming

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