4GwQPodcast Ep129 – Project Scorpio Specs, ATLUS Punishing Streamers, PETA Hates 1-2 Switch


For Episode 129, we are joined by John, known as Mister Megative on Twitter and in the gaming community, to discuss three major topics in the gaming news. First and foremost, we’ll dissect the Project Scorpio reveal from Eurogamer.net – or Digital Foundry more specifically. After a (likely) lengthy discussion about that, we will talk about ATLUS threatening to suspend accounts and/or penalize streamers/content creators that do not adhere to strict and specific guidelines when showing off Persona 5. We’ll end the show with a look at why PETA feels that Nintendo hasn’t told the whole story of cow milking in their new Switch launch title “1-2 Switch.”

John (Mister Megative) can be found at:
Twitter: twitter.com/mistermegative
SDGC Podcast: twitter.com/SDGC_Podcast

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