4GwQPodcast Ep130 – New Scorpio Info, Battlefront 2 Trailer Leak, Xbox One Refunds + More!


In Ep130, 4GwQ discusses the newest Scorpio news based on new Digital Foundry videos and an interview that Xbox head Phil Spencer did with Gamasutra. After this, the panel talks about a Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer that leaked “in game” footage and some details about the game, specifically the multiplayer. We then debate whether or not Uncharted Lost Legacy, the standalone Uncharted 4 DLC, is worth the $40 retail price, and whether the free Jak and Daxter compilation truly incentivizes pre-orders. We end the show by commenting on the new Xbox One/Win10 self-service refund policy, Xbox Spring Sale, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 FINALLY coming to Xbox backwards compatibility.

Let us know what you think – we appreciate any and all feedback! And if you are watching live, please do post your opinions in the live chat – your thoughts may make their way onto the show!

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