4GwQPodcast Ep186 – #BlackOps4 Success, RDR2 Crunch Controversy, HUGE Xbox One X Enchancements


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This week’s 4th chair will be occupied by one of the Lords of the Roundtable – @LordCognito! He is a host of the Iron Lord’s Podcast – follow them on Twitter for their streaming schedule (@IronLordPodcast)!

Topics for Ep186 (a shorter episode this week, admittedly):

– We discuss all things Call of Duty #BlackOps4 – the good, the great, the bad, the ugly, and the transformation the franchise has taken to once again become supreme in the FPS space. Sales are absolutely RIDICULOUS already, so we’ll diverge a bit from talking strictly about the game to discuss how CoD has come back to prominence!
– I’m sure everyone is anticipating the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 next week, but in the meantime we’ve gotten some pretty crazy (or not crazy, depending on your knowledge/opinion of the gaming industry) news about Rockstar employees working 100 hour weeks! We get the opinion of the panel on whether or not this is acceptable, and whether or not this is employee abuse or “par for the course” at big AAA studios!
– Major Nelson announced today that major Valve games – Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Orange Box, and Portal – are getting major Xbox One X enhancements to visual quality! Since these are major titles that are still popular today on PC specifically, will you be revisiting these oldies but goodies?

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