4GwQPodcast Ep194 – @Krypto9095xbox Returns, Elgato/NVIDIA/AMD at CES 2019, PS4 Sales + More!


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This week’s #4thChair is filled by one of our favorite YouTubers and community members – Krypto9095! This man definitely brings 110% in whatever he does so be ready! We are ecstatic to finally get him back on!

Topics for Ep194:

– Sony announced that PS4 ended 2018 at just over 91 million consoles sold this generation – that is a huge number! Will Sony carry that success into the next generation? With no signs of the sales slowing up, does that motivate Sony to keep PS5 for 2020 or even later?
– CES 2019 is in full swing and we’ve had a bunch of announcements concerning streamers and PC gamers! Elgato showed off 4 new products, but really 2 “new” ones that have everyone talking! Of course we are talking about the Elgato Key Light and Elgato Stream Link, which can completely change your setup and workflow to make it more automated and professional – but at what cost? We discuss whether or not these are worth the cost.
– More Sony news – suggestions are that The Last of Us 2 is going to have a more fleshed-out multiplayer experience than its predecessor, and with that comes lots of customization and microtransactions. How do we feel about this? Is Sony finally showing that they want to make a serious online push when it comes to their first-party titles?
– The “sequel” to Alien Isolation was announced…for mobile only???
– Heads of Nintendo have suggested that they aren’t too “fixated” on continuing their console business beyond Nintendo Switch. What does this mean for the company? What are their options?

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