Citizens of Earth gets some updates!


Citizens of Earth gets a patch! Taken directly from the Atlus Press Release the patch notes are as follows:

General Patch Details:

– Minor bug fixes

– Crash/stability fixes

– Reduced encounters in Casino Canyon

– Added checkpoint in Casino Canyon

– Added Retro soundtrack



– Added Remote Play support

– Added Cross-Save support


Wii U:

– Loading times halved


PS Vita:

– Added Remote Play support

– Added Cross-Save support

– Added PSTV support

As you know Cody from had a chance to do a review for us on Citizens of Earth and it’s a fantastic game. I have had the chance to play it on the WiiU and I am in love with it. The guys at Eden Industries are geniuses! I am glad to see that the loading times on the WiiU have been patched.


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