Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, kiss your wallet good bye



I feel like the next generation of gaming is doomed in the sense that costs are going up. It could be a ton of DLC thrown into a game in micro transactions or hefty season passes but this just absolutely blew my mind. Yes, Dead or Alive has a big enough fan base. It was an amazing arcade title and a great port on the last generation of systems but have you seen the season pass? Let’s pause this thought for one second. $92.99!! So you pay $39.99 USD (Xbox One) for the base game with the story and then $92.99 on top of that for the season pass. I mean is this season pass amazing? In all honesty, no. It’s pretty basic and let me break it down for you. For $92.99 USD you get….

  • Ninja Clan 1 Pack (February; 10 costumes)
  • Ninja Clan 2 Pack (March; 10 costumes)
  • Senran Kagura Pack (March; 16 costumes)
  • Ninja Clan 3 Pack (April; 10 costumes)
  • May 2015 Costume Pack (16 costumes)
  • June 2015 Costume Pack (16 costumes)

Oh and let’s not forget the exclusive “Marie Rose Angelic Maid” costume.I feel a lot of teenagers, and young adults will be playing Dead or Alive 5 but it feels like the price is hefty because of the “jiggle effect” as a selling point to this game. Last time I checked my Xbox One was not an adult entertainment club or an adult themed Halloween Costume Party event. Are we really that excited to see costume skins on characters? I feel like this is where Dead or Alive 5 is heading and I don’t want to feel this way about such a great title. Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts!



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