Dear Nintendo,

 I wanted to start off by saying I have been a fan of Nintendo since Donkey Kong in the arcades. I even had a mini Donkey Kong table top machine as a child and loved it.You guys have created some of the most epic game stories and developed the best platformers. I am forever grateful because these childhood memories are fantastic.

It wasn’t long before my father bought me a NES on launch and I had Gyromite, Robbie the Robot, Duck Hunt with it’s own cartridge and Super Mario Bros. Friends and family would come over to our house just to play and it would turn from early evening into the early morning. Every time a new game would release my father was at Toys “R” Us waiting to get it for me. I spent numerous hours playing game after game after game.

Then the process would start all over again with GameBoy and the SNES. There wasn’t any game I had not played or tried. My local Toys “R” Us and EB Games knew me by name. Then something happened; something went wrong. Nintendo launched the N64 and it was subpar compared to SNES and NES. It looked clunky, big, and blocky. The controller felt really odd, but at this time I decided I would trade in every NES game I had at Funcoland and move up to the N64. Sadly the only game that caught my eye was GoldenEye. It was a short lived gaming love affair and back to SNES I went.

Nintendo proudly announced GameCube and the walls at Funcoland were plastered with excitement. New Mario games and more 3rd party developers splashed the walls. I purchased it without hesitation only to find myself bored. The only games that ended up in my house were Simpsons Hit & Run and Madden. I just passed everything up because I wanted the old Mario platformers, not an open 3D environment. I personally felt like Nintendo was killing the very style they were awesome at.

What happened next struck me wrong. Nintendo Wii came out with gimmicky Wii-motes and a cheap plastic feel. It couldn’t even stand up against Xbox 360 or PS3. Game after game came out and with each passing one I felt like the quality was dropping, seemingly with profit in mind. I stayed true as a fan and still purchased one. I bought the same games any Nintendo fan would buy: Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart.

Get ready, because here it comes: the worst Nintendo launch in history – the Wii U. Nintendo put their bets on a tablet-like controller with a small library while pushing first party exclusives. With 3rd party support rapidly dropping because the system was not up to the same standards as Xbox One and Playstation 4, Nintendo had the biggest dud on their hands until now. Here comes the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has to be the most overhyped and under-delivered launch I have ever witnessed as a gamer. I would put bets that the Atari 2600 had a better launch than this portable tablet with terrible battery life. The most insulting thing as a gamer is that Nintendo wants to charge for monthly online access. Sure, I have no problem paying Xbox Live because they deliver a secure online experience, or PS4 because it is stable enough to enjoy. It is no secret that with Xbox Live and PS Plus you get free games to play every month that stay free to play. Nintendo’s idea of a great deal is giving you a monthly trial of a virtual console game. You don’t get to keep it. Maybe you can deal with that, but then here’s the biggest problem. With your online Nintendo subscription you have to use a phone app to connect to the console and you party chat through this phone app. There is so many things wrong with this.
Image Courtesy of Andrew Mason


  • Security: Can you root/jailbreak the phone and grab people’s IPs from the chat app
  • Security: IF able to grab IPs through Chat app, DDoS possibility to gamers
  • Security: On Rooted phones can you dump the chat app, recompile and make a 3rd party app that can invade the servers?
  • Security: Would it be possible with apps like wireshark running to grab the info back and forth on the chat app and exploit trusted keys or replay them?
  • Security: With network traffic on a rooted device or decompiled chat app would you see Console IDs? Trust certs for Nintendo Logins?
  • Security: Can you a modify a decompiled chat app, recompile to gain trusted access/root on the Switch?
  • Portability: Why do you have to waste phone battery life on the go, while draining tablet battery life to just play and chat?

Using your imagination you can just keep adding to this list. I am sorry Nintendo, but you thought about this all wrong.


  One of your biggest fans.

P.S. – You are still great.




  1. Sounds like some very technical exploits, which would possibly be in similar vain to potential exploits on nigh on any electrical device.
    Who knows what Nintendo’s logic in the end is, we have no official answer, but running this business through an app is probably saving Switch the processing duties and power.

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