Far Cry 5’s creator believes we might be near the end of the world


According to a recent article published on Vice (https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/wj7gvn/the-creator-of-far-cry-5-is-worried-the-world-might-actually-be-ending) Dan Hay believes we might be approaching the end of the world. The game isn’t just about a cult, but a mix of current events making us feel closer to the edge and Ubisoft wanted to portray that in the game.

Ubisoft went as far as bringing in a documentary film maker who is an expert on cults (Mia Donovan) and during the interview she specifies she knew going in this game is for entertainment but Ubisoft wanted her to come in to discuss “how cults use language” and base the logic in the game on social psychology. After playing Far Cry 5 myself I did feel some things were a bit off, however I thought the cult interaction with each other was fantastic. It feels very surreal and how all these members just follow orders whether they do it willingly or not.

I highly recommend reading the full article and watching their YouTube interview. During the making of the game, about half way through, Dan Hay had a Prius and went out and bought a Jeep. At times this game does make you feel on the edge, it has some interesting twists, relates to current events and references the political climate. I can only imagine what the next Far Cry 5 game will be about. Hopefully, we aren’t that close to the end of the world because I want to see what Ubisoft will publish next.


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