Guns, Gore & Cannoli released on Steam for PC & Mac




Belgian game makers Crazy Monkey Studios released Guns, Gore & Cannoli onto Steam for PC & Mac today. This game puts you in the shoes of Vinnie Cannoli as you trek across Thugtown NY to take back your territory. The game is filled with classic mobster dialogue, explosives, and a good crew of wiseguys. 

Taken straight from the press release “Inspired by classic 80’s side-scrolling shooters, the over-the-top action platformer takes a 1920’s Tommy gun turf war and throws in zombie lowlifes and Italian pastries to make this an offer you really can’t refuse.”

Guns, Gore & Cannoli beat 100 other titles to win the award for Best PC Game at Casual Connect Amsterdam in February 2015. This game is the perfect Metal Slug throwback that this generation needed! It will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and WiiU later this summer so be ready. 

Oh, don’t worry you don’t have to play alone. Guns, Gore & Cannoli has up to 4 players local co-op so get some friends, order some pizzas and snack on Cannolis while you play your way through killing hordes of undead mobsters and molls.