For Honor Beta Impressions


Where do I start with For Honor? It’s a game I don’t want to hate. It has some of the most visually stunning graphics I have seen to date for a combat game and Ubisoft deserves credit for trying something new. The opening and cinematic cutscenes will have you believing you are taking part in a battle that decides the fate of the world. You can choose from 3 different styles of characters – Knights, Vikings and Samurais. I mean after all what else do you really need to determine the world’s fate? Oh yes, skins, weapon upgrades, and weapon deconstruction. Every great game has these things.

Starting off with the tutorial is necessary – the games mechanics are terrible in my opinion – and you fight against an A.I. Bot as you learn the ropes. As soon as that is done you can hop right into some epic multiplayer combat. Where everyone fights with “honor.” Get it? See the pun there? That’s actually the biggest deceit about this game. Every multiplayer lobby I went into there was no honor, especially in the 4v4 mode. I would get triple teamed by enemy opponents while my allies were off capturing zones. I couldn’t tell you how many times I got to watch my character get decapitated.

The controls are insanely hideous. They can be confusing in battle, blocking is a chore because you have to determine where they are hitting you from. Up high? Left? Right? Combine that with being attacked from the back, front and pick either side, it leaves blocking to be useless. Of course you can dodge roll but if you are not careful when being attacked from all sides you can easily fall to your death right off a cliff.

I found more honor in the 2v2 matches. My ally in arms taking on one enemy while I handled the other. As soon as one of us downed an enemy we came to each others aide, more often than not my ally helped me. So you see, I can’t really complain about For Honor as much as I would love to hate this game for its difficulty and poor controls it is overshadowed by amazing graphics, intense sounds, and A.I. characters in the 4v4 that actually try to help you out.

If anyone tries to tell you it’s about getting good at the game to love it, they never joined a multiplayer lobby with all randoms. There just seems to be no cohesion in team work in random lobbies and it is the biggest downfall while playing For Honor. Anyways, I hope you all had fun playing the beta and let us know what you think. I’ll be posting an impressions video shortly.


  1. Yeah it’s definitely gonna take time to get the controls down… Big learning curve for people who buys it… I was hyped for it playing the beta not so much now… Kool article


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