How to Install Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition DLC Disc 2 on Xbox One


In this video guide I will show you how to install Fallout New Vegas Ultimate DLC Disc 2 on Xbox One for backwards compatibility

Step 1) Insert DLC Disc 2

Step 2) Once it puts into 360 mode go back into the Xbox One main dashboard via guide button or start/back and leave game

Step 3) use 3 line button on install disc or hit A on install Disc

Step 4) In my games and apps you will see it installing

Step 5) Launch the game with Disc 2 in the drive for the DLC to register ( Thanks to Jared Blackham on the YouTube comments for figuring out Step 5)

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  1. I currently have in Disc 2 and I went to the store and installed them for free,Just FYI people

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