It is clear that Nintendo has lost the focus of gaming in todays generation and moving forward. People want to be able to multi-task with their system and not just play under-powered sub-par low budget 1st party titles (ie, Mario Kart, Super Mario). We are getting really close to the launch and Nintendo cannot answer some very important questions. Thanks to a recent Kotaku article we have learned Nintendo really has nothing to say “at this time.”

Nintendo either has some bad PR going on or just terrible leadership. Here are all the questions Nintendo has nothing to announce at this time:

-If The Switch will connect to Wii U/3DS owners’ current accounts
-If The Switch will be compatible with current Virtual Console purchases
-If The Switch will make previous VC games compatible or if it will start a new library of VC Games
– SNES online / SNES online supported games
– If The Switch will have any type of Trophy or Achievement System

Nintendo goes on to state that the Switch is a dedicated video game platform and won’t support any video streaming services at launch. Nintendo truly believes you are getting a great deal for your dollar (with terrible battery life on the go /sarcasm) so no games are being bundled with Nintendo Switch. Please consumers, be assured though Nintendo feels its beneficial at the $299.99 price point to include no games and you will have a choice of great software to choose from. If you are skeptical like me, you will notice it appears hardly any good games are launching with the system except for one. So it appears Nintendo and gamers may be at a miscommunication on what great games are. I mean after all it worked out for them with the Wii U right?

You also get a whopping 32GB of internal NAND storage (of course a portion is reserved for the system) so using your own money after paying $299.99 for this outrageously priced system you can choose to purchase microSDXC cards up to 2TB of storage. Yeah, those pro controllers you purchased for Wii U because you are a die hard gamer or Nintendo fan, yep, not compatible with Nintendo Switch.

I am sorry Nintendo but I rather put that $299.99 USD + tax towards a Scorpio or PS4 Pro. I hope eventually you come back to reality and realize what drives the gaming industry. Seriously, if I were you, I would just stick with the 3DS at this point.