Review: Game of Thrones: EP 2 – The Lost Lords


In Episode 2: The Lost Lords, Telltale brilliantly included all the elements that has popularized the Game of Thrones television series – war, greed, deception, and love. War is brewing between House Forrester and the Boltons, as the Forresters are trying to do everything they can to avoid giving up their rare Ironwood and thus starting a war. A few new faces appear in this episode, such as Asher Forrester, the Forrester who got banished for falling in love with a daughter in the rival family. If you are a fan of the television show you’ll recognize newcomer Jon Snow, voiced by Kit Harington (the actor who plays him in the series). This episode begins with Gared Tuttle finally reaching The Wall, the place where criminals go to defend the North from the wildlings. He quickly finds himself needing to prove he can fight to survive, as the older criminals taunt him by telling him new recruits quickly die. While in Kings Landing, Mira Forrester has discovered that she has been making enemies with the wrong people and they will stop at nothing to make sure they get what they want. If you’re an emotional type of person, Telltale made sure to pull at your heartstrings towards the end with the funeral of Lord Gregor Forrester and Ethan Forrester.




A few times during a fast-paced cut scene or action scene the video would pause for a few seconds followed by a repetition of the dialogue. It surely didn’t ruin the story, but it got a little frustrating during Telltale’s signature quick-time events when this freeze led to an undeserved death. But that said I truly enjoyed the story. I thought the fate of each character was in my hands and I could decide what would happen next, not unlike many of Telltale’s storytelling masterpieces. When this episode ended with its cliffhanger (no spoilers, don’t worry), I honestly was upset that I had to wait to see what would happen next. But with more episodes coming, one could say that was the goal, and the developers and writers have accomplished it.