Review: Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator has no true point, except to amuse you. It’s a relatively small game with bugs and simple designs. It’s got a crap ton of physics that are absolutely buggy, and well it’s a really good thing. It’s seriously just about running around two peaceful areas as a goat and causing mischief. Oh, and wait you can become the Goat Queen, all hail!

You don’t know why you’re a goat, I don’t even know why you’re a goat, you are just a goat. Don’t take that lightly though. This is your time to shine and have fun. Go out and explore your world, crash into things, and ragdoll over cars. This game has it all. From UFO’s, to big giant cranes where you can attach your tongue onto hang gliders, its literally a barrel of laughs.


You can enable ragdoll physics at anytime, which I might add makes the skateboard ramps a lot of fun, or slow down physics to hear yourself Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaa in a humble manner. Goat Simulator allows you to head-butt random pedestrians, crash through windows of houses to cause a mess and play….. Flappy Goat!

When you play Goat Simulator you have to put all seriousness aside and realize it’s a fun, pointless game. The physics don’t make sense, the humor is out of this world, and it’s just a bunch of randomness thrown into a simulation game. There is no real reason why you are a goat or why people talk about goats and don’t look for a story because you won’t find one. You may find yourself getting stuck or having to respawn. That is part of the game.


I personally went for the achievements on Xbox One and found it amusing. Some of them are easy, while others might take you a few tries. I rode bicycles, flew with my tongue on a hang glider, experienced rage with Flappy Goat (in a good way, of course), crashed a dance party and got shot off a whale blow hole somewhere out in the ocean.

I recommend getting this game to mess around with your friends (local multi-player only), make fun upload studio clips, to pass the time between other games, and for achievements. Don’t expect the graphics to be epic. Like I mentioned earlier, this game is just a fun and pointless game. Buy It!