Stick It To The Man!



Stick It To The Man! is like playing a cartoon and watching the story unfold. A hilarious non-stop thrill. This is one game that is a musthave on any console you own!

You play as Ray Doewood, who seems like an average guy until an accident happens on his way home from work and he wakes up the next day with a spaghetti arm coming out of his head.  This spaghetti arm gives you the magic ability to read the minds of various “eccentric” characters – including Santa Claus, a chorus of zombie singers, and even the preserved brain of Abraham Lincoln – in order to gain valuable clues.  With your spaghetti arm you can grab stickers  and place them in other areas of the chapter to make the story interactive. This very unique style of gameplay, combined with the amazing artwork makes this a masterpiece. Each chapter is another great puzzle with fantastic cut scenes. I could not put my controller down once I started playing it.

I loved every aspect of this game. The character voices add emotion and depth giving each character their own mini story to give Ray clues on what needs to be done to complete each puzzle. I had many moments while playing and thought out loud wow that’s creative. I have never seen any other game like this out there. The cartoon style cardboard cut out sucks you right in and makes it even more exciting when you realize you can use your spaghetti arm to tear down paper like overlays to reveal additional characters. The only drawback was that it was difficult to read minds when characters were grouped together. With that said, this is a must have!

This isn’t like any other game that you have ever played. You just can’t avoid enemies by jumping over their heads. I found myself trying to figure out each enemies path. It’s like a mini puzzle within itself and then you will have an ahhhh-ha moment when an achievement pops because you did something. Even though I had beat the story I found myself going back through the game to try and obtain every achievement I possibly could. I can’t wait to see the next game Zoink! puts out.

This Indie game is perfect to pick up during a dry spell in the video game season. Stick It To The Man! keeps you entertained for hours on end, if you’re just playing the story, or if you’re achievement/Trophy hunting.

  • PrincezzzPeach

    omg, love this game. I’ve got it on the PS3 and Xbox One. Played through it both times. Sooo creative.

  • Cody Simpson

    Loved this game. Loved having the opportunity to review it for my site as well.