This is something I have discussed on a few 4GwQ Podcast episodes, something near and dear to my heart. I always felt like if you are not happy with a product or service you should be able to request a refund. When people received a survey about the possibility of getting a percentage back for games, I chalked at the idea and said if someone didn’t play the game or only put 2 hours in or less they should be entitled to a full refund. Nothing is worse when you plop down $60 on a game and then despise it.

Well today is a lucky day for gamers who play on Xbox and Windows 10. Microsoft has officially announced refunds are now possible. Some important things to keep in mind about requesting refunds are listed below.

Purchased in the last 14 days or less
2 hours of play time across all accounts or less
DLC/Season Passes are not eligible

To request a self service refund:

Go to and sign in
From the top menu bar select Payment and Billing, then order history
Select a purchased game/app and select request a refund.

Thanks Xbox, Thanks Phil and Team!



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