The Walking Dead Michonne Review


The Walking Dead: Michonne is a fast paced TellTale Story bringing you a very popular character straight out of the comics. If you are an achievement hunter/trophy hunter than this will please you as it is only 3 episodes and each one is short with everything being easy to unlock. The series starts off rather bleak, you know the zombie apocalypse is ongoing and you are just surviving day to day with your crew. Literally, Michonne starts off with a crew on a boat. Things take a turn for the worse when you hear suspicious radio signals that end up causing you to get off and explore. This is really episode 1. On a boat, learn about Michonne and the crew a little bit, experience some PTSD flashbacks and then you get off to search for other people with your friend Pete.

Upon getting off the boat it goes from smooth sailing to rocky real quick as you meet two troublesome teenage siblings and survivors from an angry colony. This leads right into episode 2 here you find yourself either negotiating or trying to escape (depending on some choices.) I don’t want to spoil it but this is all episode 2.

Throughout each moment we learn Michonne is tough, hard and cynical. There is a lot of reference to her two daughters who are the main substory in the flashbacks. We don’t really know much about them except they seem spooky, haunt Michonne’s memories and she misses them. We can assume this is what caused her to become so tough to the outside world. This has got to be the only explanation on why she is so good with her machete.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of characters thrown into the mix to really explore a good mix of emotional interaction for Michonne. Episode 3 is where things begin to escalate between her newly found friendly survivors vs the angry colony who just seems to be upset about every little thing, no matter what you say. I would have loved to see this develop further but the enemy colony is small, and the usual people who need your help and moral support are in short supply. If you are expecting any type of emotional connection like what we have seen with Lee and Clementine, you will not see it in The Walking Dead: Michonne Season 1.


There is potential to develop Michonne further in a sequel. She is not a shallow character by any means. You really can feel there is a deep rooted past but there is not enough to figure out all the main details. Let’s just hope this is a prequel to an epic upcoming story.