Xbox One Deals with Gold 03/09/2015


Xbox One Deals with Gold are now up so get em while you can! Thanks to lilturtleboy we found out –

Murdered Soul Suspect $14.50

Assassin’s Creed Unity $40.19

RYSE Son of Rome $29.99

Sunset Overdrive Season Pass $14.99

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition $13.20

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition $4.95

Dragon Age: Inquisition $35.99

Zombie Army Trilogy $39.99

It seems like this is going to be a good week for Gold Members. I really enjoyed Murdered Soul Suspect and I have my eye on the Sunset Overdrive Season Pass. Two awesome deals this week that have great story lines. Zombie Driver seems like a really good pick up for $4.95 and may be a great catch for something to play in between the upcoming Battlefield Hardline and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Deals with Gold




      • I liked the music at the tavern, but that’s it. I hated the predictable banter, character design, art design, level design, gameplay, etc…all of those high production values had no substance.

        • I am more of a skyrim fan so I was disappointed and felt like DAI could have had more substance as well. I didn’t like the controls and found them flakey but I thought graphics were sharp and felt like that’s where the budget went.

          • Like I’ve said on the show time and time again, I’d say that Ryse is very underrated as a whole. I’d definitely pick this up for this price, especially if you have a friend to do the multiplayer with. DA:I is very solid too, but compared to Ryse it can de daunting for some that don’t want to invest sooo much time into the game, like @stefiepie:disqus said below.

            Say what you want about the combat mechanics in Ryse – it was a ton of fun seeing all those gruesome execution animations!

  1. I loved the story n graphics in Ryse. I can also see how people love and hate DAI. It takes a while to get into the story w many hours invested.

    • I spent 25 hours and gave up on trying to like the game (DAI). The Dragon Age series takes a certain viewpoint to appreciate it. You have to overlook certain shortcomings to enjoy it.

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