Review: Zombie Vikings


Zoink! is back and they have done it once again. You may remember there hit creation Stick it to The Man!, which in my opinion was awesome. Zombie Vikings brings that lovable art style and humor back. The artwork and graphics were amazingly detailed, creative and cartoonish. The cutscenes make me feel like it’s Saturday morning cartoons and brings me to my happy childhood place. There is just a quality to Zoink!’s work that goes above and beyond.


You can play solo or co-op with friends and the levels are designed as a beat em up type game. There is something unique that makes this stand out, though. During each level there are side quests which you can find by going on the off-beaten path. This is something new to this genre, at least for me and it shines! Completing these side quests allow you to receive a different weapon that you can use in the level. I can’t spoil it for you, but trust me it’s epic!


The background story is that Odin’s last magic eye was snatched out by Loki. Unfortunately Thor and the other gods are too busy partying and causes Odin to make a desperate move. He raises four Zombie Vikings from the dead, which are all playable by you. These four are Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa! Their mission is simple, travel through an epic world, retrieve the eye and make peace with their past.

These four, loveable yet fierce looking Viking Zombies all have their own special abilities which helps you through different situations, but you might be asking can you purchase new weapons? Well yes, yes you can! When killing enemies and bashing containers you collect coins which allow you to purchase better weapons to use, each one is comical of course with Zoink!’s humor and you can also purchase runes giving you additional magical effects.

Once again Zoink! has a hit on their hands, between the humor, the epic awesome amazing artwork and the comical story. If you have not played this game you are definitely missing out on something spectacular. I just cannot stress how much quality goes into the voice acting and the cutscenes. I had the opportunity to review the PS4 version but cannot wait to play it again on Xbox One. This is how much I truly love this game.